Wastewater and infrastructure technologies


Serving Canada - Canadian distributors for:

Next-Turbo: Integrally geared single stage turbocompressors for the aeration process

VENT-O-MAT: "Anti-Shock/Anti-Surge" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves

PHi: Hydro-Pulse Mixing Systems

GUMMI-JAEGER Aeration: Fine-bubble wastewater diffusers

PULSCO: Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure and Surge Control Systems




Hydro-Logic Environmental promotes a comprehensive line of technologies to provide sound infrastructure and treatment investments to address our client's long terms needs.

Our company philosophy of adding value to our clients operations provides a strong foundation from which we strive to ensure that the clients needs are best matched in the overall lifecycle cost-benefit ownership experience.

We prefer the pre-selection process where the client retains the ability to factor in all the costs over the life of their system so that they can make the best selection for their overall needs. Hydro-Logic is very pleased to work with a select group of manufacturers who offer premium technologies to the world wastewater industry.

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Last updated: September 28, 2017