Vent-O-Mat Series RGX & RBX -Anti-Surge, Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves for Sewage & Water forcemains; no flushing ports; 10 year warranty on internal components.
It gives us great pleasure to introduce Vent-O-Mat Air Release and Vacuum Break Valve technology. Our advanced designs use a unique method of pneumatic throttling to provide "Anti-Shock" and "Anti-Surge" operation.

Vent-O-Mat valves are actually aerodynamically actuated and control the air release from the system while delivering superior protection to pipeline damage due to transient pressures. Our designs do not contribute to hammer and do not need to be rebuilt on a regular basis. We also offer an unprecedented 10 year warranty on internal components!

Vent-O-Mat valves are very simple, robust and well engineered. Furthermore, on the sewage valves, our advanced designs have no flushing ports as they are not necessary!

We are VERY confident about our designs and are even introducing this product into the market by offering valves on a free trial basis, hopefully in the area where you experience the worst problem with air/vacuum valves. 

Once a client tries our valves, they only invest in Vent-O-Mat!

Online information is available at: The website includes Full Catalogue information on:
-SERIES RBX "Anti-Shock" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves (Water), &
-SERIES RGX "Ant-Surge" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves (Sewage)

We are also very pleased to offer the following excellent free services:

VENT-O-MAT have developed a sizing program that allows the engineer to rapidly and correctly determine the size of air valve required on a specific peak on a pipeline. 

ON-LINE TRAINING COURSE: Air Valve Technology Reviewed
This document describes the phenomena affecting efficient air valve operation by analyzing various air valve designs, and introduces CATT (Controlled Air Transfer Technology) a revolutionary, well tested, concept in air valve design and surge/water hammer alleviation.

"Air Management in Water Distibution Systems" 
An important paper for water distribution managers and pipeline designers!
Prepared by: Sheldon Thomas of Clear Water Legacy


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