Processes and products we provide:

Next-Turbo: Integrally geared single stage turbocompressors for the aeration process

Flexible and stable blower operation with actual airflow turndown of 40-100%
Highest efficiency over entire turndown range with our diffuser vane regulation
Power optimization with our two-point control philosophy
Longest lifetime - offers more than 20 years of lifetime for your investment
Reliable operations – thanks to a robust mechanical design—perfect for challenging environments
Proven technology – with a global reference base in waste water aeration applications
Spare parts security – with industry-standard components readily available in the market


VENT-O-MAT "Anti-Shock/Anti-Surge" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves

VENT-O-MAT Series RGX & RBX Anti-Surge/Anti-Shock Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves for Sewage & Water mains – featuring VENT-O-MAT’s unique CATT Controlled Air Transfer Technology; VENT-O-MAT valves offer “virtually no maintenance” operations and have the industry first, industry leading 10 year warranty on internal components!


PHi Hydro-Pulse Mixing Systems

Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. provides water and wastewater plant operations with a totally unique “Hydro-Pulse” system that mixes without in-basin moving parts, is infinitely adjustable, yet simple to install, operate and maintain. The result is at least a 50% energy savings over traditional mixing technology.


GUMMI-JAEGER Aeration: Fine-bubble wastewater diffusers

GUMMI-JAEGER Aeration’s core competence – and sole focus – is engineering and manufacturing the world’s leading fine-bubble wastewater diffuser. We produce membranes, assemblies, and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and municipal and industrial treatment applications.


Pulsco - Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure and Surge Control Systems

PULSCO’s Hydro-Pneumatic Pressure and Surge Control Systems are widely recognized by engineers, contractors and system users as the most dependable, predictable, safest and cost efficient form of system protection available. Protection means efficiency and savings. PULSCO, a pioneer of surge control and pulsation dampener methods of pressure transient and pulsation control, have a substantial history of proven performance since first installed in 1922. Their experience and expertise generates high-performance designs and system improving results.


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